Some of our projects


Biogas Seckach

Biogas Seckach (Germany, Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, 500 kW) - that AD plant was erected in 2006. Meanwhile, the size has incresased to 780 kw.


Biomethan Schöpstal

Biomethan Schöpstal (Germany, Landkreis Görlitz 2,7 MW, preparation of biogas for natural gas quality, investment 12 Mio.), the operational start-up was on 13-09-2011.

Fermentation Biowaste Görlitz

Fermentation Biowaste Görlitz (Germany, Görlitz, 2,0 MW)
On behalf of the Landkreis Görlitz and the Entsorgungsgesellschaft Görlitz-Löbau-Zittau mbH, Phaidon Energy and Fitec have carried out in 2010 a study concerning the fermentation of the biowaste collected in the Landkreis Görlitz. Phaidon Energy aims at building the corresponding biogas plant in 2014.

Biomethan Frankfurt/Oder

The authorisation procedure for our plant Biomethan Frankfurt/Oder (Germany, preparation of biogas for natural gas quality, Landkreis Oder-Spree, 2,0 MW, gramineous silage, corn), Landkreis Oder-Spree, 2,0 MW, gramineous silage, corn) has started in 2012. The construction is scheduled for 2014.

Biogas Bayrischzell

Biogas Bayrischzell (Germany, Landkreis Miesbach, 150 kW)


In a small biogas plant the manure as well as the solid dung of 10 farms is being fermentated. The waste heat is used in a restaurant close to the biogas plant.

Biogas UK

Biogas UK (organic waste, foodstuff waste)


Currently, we check different sites in UK. Due to the large amount of waste as well as the remuneration, UK is at the moment one of the most promising sites for AD plants in the future. We are currently evaluating different sites in the UK, especially in the Midlands.

Biogaz Polska

Biogaz Polska, (organic waste, foodstuff waste)


Based on a long cooperation with Polish farmers and institutions, the building of a couple of plants is scheduled for the next months. At the moment, we focus on the Województwo Dolnoślaskie.